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  1. john@di
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    Have had a look through the codex but haven't got time to study it thoroughly yet.

    I want to create a simple page within my template that displays a 3 column grid where each div displays a logo image with a title and 2 line description below it.

    I can easily style and code this myself, but for the sake of practice and making it easier for future lay users, what is the best way for me to set it up so the user simply has to add a new entry (post?) where they have 3 fields, one to upload the image, another two to enter the tiel and description. Once published it will automatically add a new item automatically coded and styled properly.

    Is this complete overkill?
    How hard is that to integrate?
    Would I create a custom post type and hook it up to a custom template?
    Or is there a much easier already built in capability to allow this? For eg; involving custom fields?

    Thanks in advance


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