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  • I’ve been working on my travel website and I’d like to import a bunch of text documents as posts.

    What I have:
    A whole bunch of folders (each for a particular trip) with text documents for each day of travel. They’re not really standardized, but I could go through all of them and arrange them such that it would be the date, title, and then the content.
    File name: day13.txt
    Porto to Lagos

    Checked out
    walked around
    blah blah blah…

    Instead of laboriously copying and pasting the title/content into a post and then changing the time stamp – which would take forever, I’m wondering how I would write a parsing script that would shuffle these into wordpress posts (or at least into a CSV format which I could then import).

    Extra points if I can somehow import the country as a tag or custom field!

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  • I assume I would want to somehow get the text files to be readable by the CSV Importer plugin, but I’m too dumb to know how to do that. Can someone enlighten me?

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