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  • I have been looking at numerous CSS files to try to figure out how the CSS layouts are created, however, I have noticed that many of them are very different. And I dont mean the layout itself, I mean the way that certain elements are coded- in one layout the sidebar will be named plain old sidebar, in another something else and so on. Doesn’t seem as though all templates are consistent on keeping certain tags named the same.

    What I was wondering, could someone recommend a place that shows basically how to do the basic 2 column with header layout to include setting a pattern for the background? I found the Alt-Red which was great in allowing me to just plug in my colors and go, but the thing is it doesnt allow to plug in image background or even label parts of the page they are asking you to pick colors for- some things are easy to figure out while others I had to upload page, figure out colors looked awful together, reselect colors, upload css, change colors, ect.

    Thanks for any help

    *opps, should have finished the title.. sorry

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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