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  • Between the the updated toolbar editors (admin ui customize, this one, take control of the wordpress toolbar, and a few others) this one is the best…

    By default it cuts out most of the current toolbar menu items and letting you add or remove the ones you want as you please by simply using the default wordpress nav menu editor. Along with styling and adding user roles it pretty much does it all. My only complaint is that it seems to remove most all toolbar items added by plugins and I haven’t found a way to add them back or get them to work properly. For example, the jetpack omnisearch does not properly work the same on the front end and back when symposium settings are used, but maybe it’s not supported or meant for that.

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    Hello codecandid,

    Can you please explain what backend search you are talking about? I see that the plugin search box is still there, the theme search box is still there, the search for themes and plugins is still there.

    What other search (in the backend) is supposed to be there by default?
    If you are talking about the Admin bar (Toolbar) search, that is not in the backend by default or otherwise.

    So, please, since you are a developer, would you kindly point me to the backend search you are talking about? I would really like to know what it is that this plugin removes without you making the choice to move it, on the WP Toolbar.

    And, I would also add to this thread that your comment is not a review. It is something, if valid, that belongs in the support area, where the developer can have the opportunity to address it and fix it, if in fact there is an issue.

    Are you sure you saw that backend search before you installed the plugin? If so, where?

    And by “default” this plugin does NOT cut out any toolbar items. You have the option to remove those items, but they have to be removed by you, not the plugin by default.

    I changed my post to make for better understanding, but nonetheless it was still a review. First time ever posting on WP so didn’t think to issue a request. As to your reply here is my issue properly addressed. Appreciate your hard work and dedication.

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    Thanks CodeCandid, I was wondering what the plugin should provide to be worth all five stars to your eyes… Ice cream, coffee,…? Now I know, I will install JetPack that I’m not using, and see what the issue is, before responding to your support request.

    As a matter of fact, using WPS Toolbar there could be some issues in styling items added by other plugins, when their authors have hardcoded CSS in the element. But regarding whether they are *displayed* or not, re-reading at the code I see no reason why they wouldn’t show in the Toolbar. I did try with various plugins like NextGen, DexsPM, Loco Translate, Ultimate Coming Soon, they were all showing in the WP Toolbar, and all styled correctly, apart the font color for DexsPM, which is hardcoded.

    Last, regarding the WP Toolbar default items, they should all be showing by default upon plugin first activation. The only noticeable change after plugin activation being one hover box added to the Display Name in the User Menu (“My Account”).

    Your feedback is much appreciated, and welcome to by the way.

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    Hi codecandid,

    Thanks for your input.
    I based my response on the limited information you provided, which indicated you had been through all of the documentation provided by the developer (regarding WP Symposium Toolbar Plugin) and were talking about the default WP Toolbar. And not a possible conflict with another plugin that adds things to the WP Toolbar. I (for one) appreciate your returning and clarifying what you were referring to.

    I have tested WP Symposium Toolbar for quite a few months, and I didn’t see the “default” behavior you described, so I posed the questions to you.

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify. This information will be most helpful to others looking at the reviews for this plugin.

    To have a developer say that this plugin does things by default that it does not set out to do, can be disturbing. And I, for one, am eager to see what those things are that I could have missed.

    Seeing that you are talking about a possible conflict with another toolbar altering plugin, I can see where there might be problems, as WP Symposium Toolbar Plugin didn’t get tested with all of the thousands of plugins available for WordPress. So far, there are only a few hundred I have tested with.

    And as AlphaGolf has responded, he is quite interested in taking the time to work through such conflicts, if the other plugin allows for it. WP Symposium Toolbar Plugin is still in Beta for this very reason. And feedback is what the developer has asked for.

    Your presentation linked to from the link provided here, is most helpful. Thanks again for responding back and clarifying and taking the time to present what you were referring to. That was most kind of you.

    So, in conclusion, the “default” behavior of WP Symposium Toolbar Plugin referred to, is not default behavior with WordPress, but rather, another plugin affects the default behavior of WP Symposium Toolbar and vice versa.

    That information is very useful, thanks for it.

    Welcome to
    Central Geek (Community Involvement Makes Better Software)

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