• Good day to y’all, Happiness Managers and Engineers!

    I couldn’t have imagined a month ago that my life would be so much easier and way better had I not witnessed firsthand the proactive, efficient, and effective response and support of the entire WordPress Community of 19 different teams toiling away behind the scenes making sure that everything is running smoothly, both internally and externally.

    Thank you so much, guys!

    I am truly grateful and humbled by all the help. You deserve all the credit and the recognition that you have done to ensure and deliver happiness to all the users of WordPress, the readers, and the general public.

    You are vanguards of free and open information, and this simple review would not even scratch the surface of how important and valuable each and everyone of you are and the crucial roles you all play to maintain such a laudable, well-oiled, sustainable digital ecosystem.

    You truly epitomize and embody the culture of Happiness of WordPress.

    A million thanks to all of you, and for one of the warmest of welcomes I have ever received, albeit virtually, in my life, from some of the most talented and creative technicians, communicators, artists, designers, and analysts in the multiverse.

    Francis Baraan IV

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