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  • What would you say? I’ve tried a few… but I’d rather just have ONE to take care of anything a curious webmaster might wish to know. What is everyone out there running?

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  • you can always pay for Mint or other stats services. significantly reduces load on your server — but at a cost. there’s some free services (like Google analytics) as well.

    I currently use CG-Referrer for my statistics — since I wrote it. 😉 But it gives me most of what I quickly want to see (number of unique visitors, recent referrals, recent searchs, stuff like that). I don’t (currently) track or care about browser, location, screen resolution, etc.


    I use slimstat, which has a wp plugin Wp-Slimstat. You may also want to try services like Measure Map or Delineate.

    Not a plugin, but works slick and free.

    I was using slimstat – however it all of the sudden just “stopped” collecting information… I’m not sure why or how, and I even tried deleting and re-installing it, but nothing.

    I also have used ShortStat in the past (however in 2.0.2 it apparantly stopped working) which was the “prequel” to Mint… and free.

    HS – I just signed up at performancing – I even downloaded the WP plugin… but where the hell do I add my blogs on the performancing site? I’m totally confused here… lol

    Supposedly, we’re supposed to be able to put in our blogs… but WHERE? 🙁

    EDIT: nevermind, i found it… yeesh! they should make that a link in the sidebar or something! *whew*

    WP-Shortstats is a fav of mine.

    I’m using mint, the best stats program I’ve tried, better than google analytics, shortstat, and awstats (IMO)

    There is never any shortage of plugins kicking around; what is lacking is real user experiences, idle opinion, and such things.

    I ended up trying WP-shortstats (which didn’t work at all) then moved on to WP-slimstats, which had a buggy install but eventually worked… I will report back when I have had more experience with it.

    I like AW Stats and the WP plugin for AW stats.

    Don’t use ShortStats or BAStats. Personal experience, here.

    I had no problems with PopStats.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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