• Their video player has all the features it’s competitors have plus more… Fully customizable player; Change color and look of player, add your own branding to player, supports multiple-language subtitles, unlimited playback speed options, supports Google Analytics, you can encode multiple video quality versions so it falls back to lower quality if there’s bandwidth issues.

    It works with Amazon S3 video hosting, meaning there’s no streaming bottlenecks, and you can even use Secure DRM so your videos can’t be downloaded with a download plugin, that’s a big deal!

    There’s a learning curve to start using it, but I’m saving close to $400/month using it versus using Wistia, which charges monthly for *each video* you upload, and Wistia doesn’t protect your videos from being downloadable, as far as I know.

    S3bubble’s support has been *very responsive* for me from the get-go, and they’ve even added features I’ve requested. Like I said, it’s not plug-and-play, but for me it’s been well worth it.

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