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  • I have tried all of the other popular social plugins, ALL of them, Share This, Add This, Flare, Shareaholic, Sharexy, etc. They all have their own advantages, but WP Socializer was the only one that did *exactly* what I wanted it to do. The set up took a bit of getting used to, but the finished result more than made up for it. And the support is fantastic. When I had a question about tweaking it exactly the way I had envisioned, the plugin author got back to me the same day! WP Socializer is the best!

    Tips for Easy Setup
    1. To get to the setup screen, go to the WP Socializer tab, scroll down and click the small button that says “continue”.
    2. Click the button that says “select an inbuilt template”.
    3. Mouse over the options and select the one that seems best to you. (Note to vaakash, the top two previews do not display in my browser) Click anywhere outside the box and scroll down to click “Update”
    4. Go to the “Button Settings” tab and click “Social Buttons”. Add any and all social buttons you want and rearrange them to suit your needs. Click outside the box. Click through the other options in that tab and add the ones you want. Scroll down and click “Update”.
    5. Go to the “Edit Templates” tab. Template 1 automatically goes above the content and Template 2 goes below. Add any social counter buttons you want to each template, and scroll down to select the pages to display. Click “Update”.
    6. Enjoy your social buttons! (Or tweak the settings a bit more and THEN enjoy the social buttons 😉

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  • Plugin Author vaakash


    @cowboybebop87 Thanks for using my plugin. I’m happy that my work helped you a lot.

    With WP Socializer there are infinite possibilities in using the social buttons easily in the pages. I’m constantly working on the plugin to make it 100% perfect.

    In the next upcoming version (2.5) , WP Socializer will get major update and new features which many request.

    Thank you.

    Hi Vaakash, a social plugin being “the best” would be a great achievement.

    With how big social is, I am completely surprised at how difficult it is to find a dynamic, social plugin that fits what i want.. which i believe is not that much.

    I would like to request that your plugin, on the “Edit Templates” page.. detect custom post types, for example I use woocommerce which uses “Products” custom post… and I need social buttons on this page.

    Maybe there is a way for me to do this with some php line, but I really suck with that.. personally..

    If this is possible now would you tell me how to do this?

    Thank you!

    I found when “posts” is checked, it will display on Product Pages… but on product pages its on the bottom of the site and does not conform to the same styling.

    This reflects my earlier review of this plug-in. I can’t believe how many WordPress social plug-ins there are, and like cowboybebop87, I tried them all – it took me a solid week of testing! But even though there’s so many, they all have significant problems – except this one. This is unquestionably the best WP social plug-in IMHO.

    Totally agree!

    I do wish however it was integratable with to take advantage of social stats.. who wouldn’t want that?

    Plugin Author vaakash


    Thanks all for using and loving my plugin. I’m working hard to bring new features, easy customization. The next release will focus on analytics and simple interface.

    Thank you.

    Hot dang! I can’t wait!

    There is the general Best of the Best, and then the needs of smaller yet large groups of people such as ones who have a lot of visitors and social activity…. which stats will be really great for.

    I understand you may not have a written plan yet, but would you be able to say if you will use AddThis stats or are you building your own stats?

    Plugin Author vaakash


    @miketopher, individual stat system is a huge task and it just time consuming for an individual to build up.

    I will just rely on services like “addthis”, “google analytics” etc, do proper and correct integration with them.

    I don’t have an exact feature list… it will build up automatically as time proceeds… but I’m sure that the version 2.5 will have a month delay. Don’t worry small patches and bug fixes will be released when done regularly.

    Thank you.

    Awesome, I’m glad you’ll use addthis instead of a custom one cause they already have a great stat system in place.

    Thank you

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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