• I’ve tried PRIVY, OPTIMONK, and a couple other (like justuno yuck) but Poptin is the best. I’ve used it both in Shopify and WordPress (for WooCommerce).

    It has the most extensive free tier plan out of the others.
    It has EVERY SINGLE FEATURE you can possibly think of.
    It has exit intent for mobile too (back button)
    Unlike others where you are stuck in a template, with poptin you have complete control over every element inside a popup. You can create a popup from scratch or choose a template and edit each and every element of that template. NOT JUST THAT! You can move around each and every element wherever you want in the popup freely unlike privy and optimonk where you are limited to move around in certain block spaces inside a template.
    Support is very gooooooood.

    It has a tiny bit of bugs. To give an example of one of the bugs, for example, editing of text gets stuck then you have to press next and again back for it to be normal again (automatically save changes don’t worry) It’s cool, they’ll fix bugs on updates just like every other software on the internet does.

    This plugin is just the integration. Make sure to go to their dashboard and enjoy the best popup software.

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