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  • A good plugin, yet I believe it can be improved.
    Let me explain why I gave the plugin four stars instead of five.

    • Although this plugin is mainly helpful for a webmaster that has launched launching three web sites since November 1, 1999. The plugin is being (or will be) implemented on the following web sites I run as the webmaster:
    • [Links are redacted from reviews] (flagship site, launched on November 1, 1999)
    • INNewsCenter (launched November 1, 1999, closed June 30, 2011; revived in 2015 and has since relegated to a section to [Links are redacted from reviews])
    • Vote For the Girls Internet Franchise ([Links are redacted from reviews] launched on April 28, 2010)
    • I gave the plug at least three stars for being fully customizable, but I did not give the plugin a fourth star because
      of appearance and the reason why I cannot give the plugin a fifth star is that when creating a new WP theme, I broke down the [Links are redacted from reviews] file into three sections (top navbar for the search and contact link/menu, inner navbar for the main navigation menu, and bottom navbar–namely “[Links are redacted from reviews]“–for site alters that uses this plugin). Had the PHP function code for the bottom navbar file worked properly, I would have given the plugin five stars since it is to say the least very f**king confusing that made a big f**king difference between a perfect web site and a s**t site.

    I hope this helps other webmasters that run WordPress sites.
    ~Ava Zinn

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  • Plugin Author Bob


    Thanks for the review. I don’t have time to refactor the plugin to reflect more modern web standards.

    I don’t know what you mean by the comment related to the “PHP function code for the bottom navbar file” not working properly. I can try to fix it if you can give me more details.

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