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  • Love the plugin — looks like the perfect replacement (and improvement on) the depreciated and no-longer supported Background Manager plugin.

    As one image fades out for the next, though, the previous image abruptly disappears toward the end of the fade cycle… as if the image said, “forget about fading the rest of the way; I’m outta here!” The effect is jarring.

    I suspect creating a perfectly seamless fade might be a matter of setting the fade and delay settings just right. Anyone have a best practice?

    Or have I discovered a larger problem?

    I’ve tested this on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE, on Windows. Here’s the site in question:

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  • Update — I figured out what was causing the problem — it’s the css I’ve added that’s causing the odd, sudden end to the fade-out. Here’s my css:

    .vegas-background {
    filter:alpha(opacity=45); /* For IE8 and earlier */

    I’ve worked around the issue by using an semi-transparent overlay image, but I’d rather do it with CSS. Any ideas?

    Plugin Author jamesdbruner


    Wouldn’t a simpler albeit, possibly more time consuming solution be to just edit your images to have an opacity instead of applying the opacity to the images with CSS?

    Another thought would be to use .vegas-background img instead of just .vegas-background as your selector

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