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    I have enabled/disabled the plugin and the difference in PageSpeed Insights looks low: around 5 points, 0 or even negative sometimes.
    My site is on Bluehost servers. I have disabled the default Bluehost cache from the Bluehost Cpanel, I have no other caching plugins. The site seems correctly linked to Cloudflare and cf-cache-status: HIT, (when I do the test on incognito).

    Also, Cloudflare is minimizing and compressing the data, (Brotli).

    I can’t link the page here for privacy reasons since I’m still testing it, but I can send you that in private, or if you can simply tell me which are the best settings for a blog site that updates frequently, with new posts, around 10-20/hour.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Plugin Contributor Saumya Majumder


    Hi @olsib,
    The best settings depend on the traffic of your site. The plugin mostly comes with the best possible settings out of the box but here are a few tweaks that you can make.
    1. Inside Cloudflare caching tab enable the Tiered Cache
    2. Inside the plugin settings under the cache tab enable the op[tion for adding browser cache rules. If there are any browser cache rule previously present in your .htacess file, please remove that and then enable the option inside the plugin settings.
    3. Disable the preloader inside the plugin settings
    4. under the others tab enable the prefetch links on the viewport and on hover option. (screenshot:
    5. Do not use any other page caching system on your website but you can definitely use other static file optimization plugin like Autoptimize for CSS, JS.
    Optimole, Imagekit or Cloudlfare Pro plan for images.

    P.S.: Sorry for the delayed reply as I was not available for few weeks.

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    Thank you for your response.

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