• We’re working with a javascript that automatically looks-up an entry in a database if a <span> with a certain class has been placed around a word. Since you don’t want to type <span class=”abc”>entry</span>, we wanted to instead do it with these brackets: {entry}.

    We created a regular expression to perform the look-up. Other plug-ins would

    a) replace the contents of the post in the database
    -> this is not the desired behavior as “<span>”s sometimes get “eaten” by the visual editor

    b) work for posts, but not for pages

    c) work for posts, also for pages, but not inside shortcodes
    -> our theme uses shortcodes for a variety of things, so we needed them.

    d) completely break the site


    re.place was the ONLY plug-in out of the 5 we tested that didn’t check any of the above and that ALWAYS worked exactly the way we wanted it to. I highly recommend it!

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