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  • Here is my scenario. Im new to database and wordpress. Im not sure if this is the right spot to start this or not. If not, mods please move.
    I currently have a database set up in access and have uploaded tables from it to my host, with phpmyadmin being available on server.

    I am creating a website regarding a hockey teams history.
    (former players,current players, coaches,games, stats, etc)

    I have all of the relationships etc. set up.
    I want my users to be able to go to a page in wordpress, for example, a page named players, and search by position, or season etc with the option to use drop down and search and have the info from the database to show up in table form. what is my best option for setting this up. Im very new to php. very minimal knowledge of it.

    please help send in right direction

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  • WordPress uses its own (MySQL) database. If you want it to access some other database or non-WordPress tables in the same database you are going to have to write all of the SQL and PHP to insert, edit, and retrieve the information in that database or in those tables. It is possible, and generally not that hard, if you know SQL and PHP fairly well. If you have only “very minimal knowledge” there is going to be a steep learning curve.

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