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  • Now that us Gen-Xers are having to get reading glasses, it’s getting hard to read the text on the average WP theme.

    I’m a professional writer with a couple sites. I want my posts to be readable without hitting CTRL+, since most of my readers don’t know about CTRL+. That means comfortable font sizes and space between lines and words. But, call me over-demanding, I also want a site that’s responsive because more than half my readers are on mobiles or tablets. And I don’t want a site that’s too plain–God save us from writers with ugly text-only blogs.

    I’m proficient in WP, but a novice at CSS and HTML. I’m not a graphic designer or a coder. And for me, WP is a means to an end–I don’t want to spend endless hours fussing with widgets and custom CSS.

    I’ve been using a couple of inadequate themes–one with too many customizable options, another with not enough, but BOTH with cramped, faint text. After weeks of looking around, GeneratePress was the theme that solved my problem. It’s flexible enough, legible enough, and good-looking enough that I’m using it for both my sites now.

    One odd quirk in the text rendering came up in the first few weeks, and when I posted a question on the forum, Tom replied right away and followed up a couple days later. The support forums and website also immediately answered my question about how to customize the caption style with a tiny CSS edit.

    The theme doesn’t do everything. If you enjoy using more complex and expensive pro themes, you might feel constrained by having fewer options here. But I get annoyed by themes with infinite options. I wanted something that would look good out-of-the-box, while still offering room for me to personalize.

    I found the options with the free version to be more than adequate, but I recently splurged on the pro version so I could gussy up my higher-traffic site and support Tom’s work. With the add-ons, it was easy to add a background to the header and use my “brand” of font for the site title and widget titles.

    For a writer or teacher who wants an up-to-date, responsive theme with legible text, I think this one is great. And it loads quickly as well, and doesn’t take up my time with endless customization options, which is why I have an extra few minutes to write this review!

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  • Theme Author Tom


    Thank you so much for the detailed review! I really appreciate you taking the time to write it for me!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying GP, and hopefully we can sort out that weird text problem ASAP.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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