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    This is by far the best Product Configurator Plugin. Why? Let me explain.

    1- It’s truly free. There are some Product Configurator Plugins that you have to pay for. Even if they have a free version, their options are so limited, so you will end up paying for the complete plugin. But this plugin is truly free. I know there are addons that you have to pay for, but the free version have just more than enough options to fit most of the cases.

    2- Addons are cheap. In the case the free version is not enough for you, buying addons will still make this plugin cheaper than any other.

    3- Support is fast (and still free!), even faster than premium plugins support I’ve dealed with.

    4- Fully customizable. There are different skins (yes, also free), and they can all be customized using the Customizer, so no CSS skills are required (but you can use them, haha)

    5- Easy to use, for both customers and webmasters. I’ve tried a lot of Product Configuration Plugins last years, and each of them has a different backend configuration. This one is one of the most organizated, easy one. Also, it’s not a impressive, slow javascript based configurator. It’s a great, simply and quick configurator. We don’t need fancyness, we need useness.

    6- This plugin ask you if you are sure you want to exit when yo try to exit the backend configurator without saving the changes. It also ask you if you are sure to delete the layer. This could sound like a silly thing, but I have tried dozens of Product Configurators and none of them have this features and you cannot imagine how much work we have lost for an accidental click on the wrong spot. I want to marry this feature.

    7- I’ve been trying Product Configurators for years just to find the best for our customer, which have high expectations (really high, trust me) and this is the only plugin that fits perfectly his needs. This point is ‘number 1’ for me, but I could understand that my customer is not relevant for anybody else, that’s why this is ‘number 7’.

    So… if you came to this review asking your self if this is the plugin you need for your project, the answer is YES.

    Great plugin, great support, great savings. That’s all and everything.

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