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    Hello – thank you for this plugin, I think it will solve a LOT of problems! I have a site with many pages and plugins. I have organized the plugins into groups (photo galleries, ecommerce, forms, etc.) A couple of questions:

    In Plugin Organizer » Global Plugins, if I disable a group, are the plugins in that group disabled?

    There are some plugins (such as a special slider) that I only need on a couple of pages. Should I disable that group in Plugin Organizer » Global Plugins, and then enable it on the pages where it’s needed?

    For plugins that are just useful for WP Admins (image optimizer, backup, SEO, spam blocker) – do users generally keep them disabled by default for pages/posts (or visitors) and just keep them on for the /wp-admin/ dashboard?

    Many thanks!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Yes that is exactly what the plugin groups are for. If you only need a plugin enabled on 1 or 2 pages then you can globally disable them and just enable them where you need to. Just be careful with ajax calls since they often go to a different url. If that’s the case you can create a plugin filter for that url and enable the plugin there.

    If a plugin is only needed for the admin side a plugin filter with also affect children selected to only enable it on the admin will speed up the front end. I have a site with a ton of plugins that only run on the admin side. Before disabling globally and create the admin filter the page load was 18 seconds. After it went down to 2. Again, just be careful not to break ajax calls or background functionality because this plugin prevents other plugins from loading completely.

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    Excellent – thank you for these tips!

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    A quick follow-up – when I’m editing a page, I see a list of Plugin Groups at the bottom, most of which are yellow. It seems like I’d be able to click the group to activate (turning it green) and click Publish, but the setting doesn’t always “stick”, and goes back to yellow the next time I see the page. Any tips? WP Fastest Cache is gray (turned off).

    Following up on this because I’m a bit confused about Plugin Groups.

    I have a series of pages which should share a similar set of plugins being enabled (or disabled). I thought that I should:

    1. Create a Plugin Group “test” with plugins I’d like to have enabled
    2. Go to the page and disable all plugins under “Plugins”
    3. Enable my “test” group (make it green)

    But this doesn’t seem to work. I keep getting fatal errors from a missing function (I disabled plugin checks in my code for testing). I also swapped this and it didn’t work either:

    1. Create a Plugin Group “test” with plugins I’d like to have disabled
    2. Go to the page and enable all plugins under “Plugins”
    3. Disable my “test” group (make it red)

    It seems I’m misunderstanding how Plugin Groups works. In the docs for the plugin for groups, it says “Those groups can be used on the various pages to disable plugins by selecting that group”. Seems like the last 1-3 steps I did should work.

    Thanks for any insights….I’m just trying to simplify my setup as I’ve been using filters with great success but this might be better/easier,

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