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    Hi friends! I searched the forum and most posts about this seem to be quite old and I wanted to get some current expertise.

    I have a site running okay on a windows host, but for various reasons am considering migrating to the hosts linux package instead (better package value and cloud based). I’m running a genesis framework with a child theme and the typical plugins (W3TC, Yoast SEO, etc). I have a few questions:

    1. What are the best practice steps, something like this? Anything missing or out of place?
    -Backup website files and database on windows host
    -Create new website directory on linux host (host would do this I assume)
    -Upload backed-up website files into new website directory on linux host via FTP (will this work or is the structure/files different?)
    -Create new database on linux host and import my backed up database
    -Adjust wp-config file to point to new database location/credentials
    -Add .htaccess rules which are equivalent to the ISAPI rewrite IIRF rules I currently have on the windows host
    -Re-create the CNAME/TXT records in cPanel for DKIM with my autoresponder provider
    -Test new site (is it possible to do testing before making the actual DNS change? hard-coding my hosts file to resolve to the new IP?) to ensure all features, plugins, etc are working properly
    -Make DNS change and wait for it to propagate across internet (host)
    -Full testing again
    -Take a final backup of website/database on windows host (as a last resort in case something important changed between the first copy and the DNS change)
    -Remove old website from windows host, delete old database from windows host, delete server repository on windows host, etc (host)

    2. Would you recommend I deactivate any plugins before taking the backup/copy to be uploaded on the linux host? For example, I was thinking it might be a good idea to clear all cache and deactivate the W3TC plugin and then re-enable it after all steps are done?

    Many thanks for your help and advice. I find hosts are very “re-active” and are not as interested in planning these things out (“Let’s just go and deal with issues as they arise”), whereas I prefer to have it all planned to ensure nothing is missed and the transition is smooth…well as smooth as possible! 😉

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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