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  • I was wondering whats the best way of structuring content inside a post.

    Basically, all my posts are going to be the same, which include:

    An image (always the same size and position)
    A description
    An author name
    A gallery name

    Obviously the slack way is just to add the image to the editor, and write out each of these items below it in the “write post” editor, but I wondered if there was a more structured way, since each post will have the same data “fields”.

    I want to make it future proof, in case I change the theme or layout later.

    Should I wrap each element in a class, or is there a plugin or something that can help with standardising the way you enter posts like this?


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  • I guess you could create custom fields for each. Or you could also create something in your stylesheet that would automatically style the image a certain way, followed by the other content.

    You’d then just have to add the CSS info in your post, e.g., `<p class=”post-image”>[image and link]</p>
    <p class=”info”>[imageinfo]</p>`

    and so forth..

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