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  • Hi.
    I’ve worked well on my new website :
    I’m wondering to know of there are best practices for linking to the woocommerce pages from any menu. For now, I’ve added the “My account” and the “Logout” pages to my top menu. But I don’t know if it would be a good practice to add any of the 4 other Woocommerce “My account” pages : change password, change address, lost password and see the order because all of them seem to be accessible when logging or making an order.
    Also, it does not seem that I also should link to the 3 other “Order” pages : Order, Order -> payment and received order. Am I right ?
    Secondly, all the woocommerce pages appear on my site map. Should I consider to find a plug-in to hide part of the woocommerce pages from this site map ? I understand why there could be there the “My account” and the “Logout” because I have them as you understood in my top. But because the other pages are not bound to my top menu, I do not see the point to make them appear on the site map.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

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