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  • Hi all,
    I’m quite new to WordPress and ask myself currently if there is any way to make the following system live with WP:
    There shall be two types of users (“teacher” and “students”). On the registration page the user shall choose one of the two types. In my case, teachers could have 3 options (basic, advanced, premium membership). Every teacher shall have a own profile page. Depending on the account type (basic, adanced, premium) it shall be possible for each user to modify there own page, add images, link to Facebook, Google or any other social services.
    As payment for the monthly fee Paypal and other online-pay services shall be supported. If possible, with fully automatic monthly billing. Also the teachers shall have the possibility to delete their account which results of course in a termination of the subscription.
    Using geolocation, the students should be able to find a teacher in their environment. Optional it would be great if the users can send messages to each other (most probably BuddyPress, right?). Which kind of plugins are needed to archive such a system?
    I want to avoid monthly payment or dependency to the number of users for all kind of plugins.
    Any hints how to do and which plugins could be used?

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  • Lots of plugins exist out there to do stuff similar to this. Although you may need to still do some coding to get things the way you want.

    Using a membership plugin like plus using BuddyPress you should be able to do a lot of this. BuddyPress supports messaging –

    As for the registration part, you could either use the ample of tutorials on the WWW to code it, or the WordPress Plugin Directory has many custom registration form plugins that should work. Same goes for profiles. Whether you are using BuddyPress or not, tons of tutorials and plugins are out there on how to edit the profile and registration forms.

    For the user roles, check out User Role Editor. Should be able to do all the advance user role stuff through that plugin.

    Your need is Open Source Learning Management System (LMS). As for WordPress, there is WP Courseware plugin. Sadly that is not Free Software or Open Source – but it integrates BuddyPress and other Free Software projects related to WordPress. They have that kind of integration as offering –

    You probably can read about that on WPBeginner – and this blog’s discussion -

    Hi Matthew, Abhishek!
    Thanks a lot for the hints. Both hints are looking good.
    I’ll check in detail.
    Related to the paid membership pro plugin, I’m not sure how to do the following – if possible at all.
    There shall be different kind of teachers. Depending on the membership they choose, different kind of Information shall be displayed in their profile page (to other users).
    So as an example:
    1) basic membership = name + email onle
    2) advanced membership = basic membership + Website URL

    Any more hints?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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