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  • I’m aware you want to make sure that when the plugin is required or works within a theme, you want to make sure the theme is compliant with the plugin’s update (WooCommerce, for example), but what of other plugins?

    Do you just update it and hope for the best?

    Today I got burned when I updated a the Heartland credit card processing plugin for WooCommerce. Crashed my site: as in, the front end of the site wouldn’t load.

    I uninstalled the updated plugin, and reverted to previous version and got an error about the plugin not having a required header file.

    I’m sure that will get worked out – but what steps (if any) do you take to ensure the plugin doesn’t go haywire upon updating it?

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    I always just keep regular backups and hope for the best:

    If anything goes wrong, I restore from the backup.

    I even have plugins set to auto-update.

    Plugin updates frequently contain bug fixes, and sometimes security fixes. In most cases, nothing will go wrong.

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