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    I am building a custom theme for a blog and community site with multiple authors. My goal is to display a visually styled badge indicating what “level” they are in the community next to an author’s name that is derived from the following equation…

    1. Comments are 1 point each
    2. Posts are 25 points each
    3. Being at a certain user level (editor or above) is 25 points per month
    4. Writing a post in a special category is 75 points

    I have determined how to do this using the $wpdb in a custom function and it is working properly. My question centers around whether this is a good idea to be making that many database calls each time a post author link is displayed. Is this going to significantly affect the performance of the site to the point where I would be better off doing something else? Here is an example of the function to get the number of comments written by the user_id stored in the $badge_user_id variable:
    $num_comments = $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $wpdb->comments WHERE comment_approved = '1' AND user_id = $badge_user_id;"));

    What happens when the site has a few thousand comments. I assume that that query is going to take some time to compute and this significantly affect load time. Is there some way to fix this or make this more optimized?

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  • First suggestion, when using an expensive query – cache it.

    Second, do the comment counting only when a comment is submitted.

    Third, store the updated comment_count in usermeta with

    Finally, echo the comment_count from get_userdata

    That way the hit on the db is during the saving of the comment(and your cache refresh time), an infrequent task. The count can be echoed from the $current_user global on the one hand or from get_userdata for non logged in users on the other hand.

    Thanks for the information. These suggestions should help a lot!

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