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    I’ve been using multisite network for a while now and would like to scale things.

    Our objective is to have a network of sites each covering a topic. Such topic will offer content in different languages.

    We have been using subdomains for our first multisite network, essentially set up this way: for English speakers for Japanese speakers for xx speakers

    We would now like to have something similar to this: for English speakers for Japanese speakers for xx speakers for English speakers for Japanese speakers for xx speakers

    and so on.
    Please note that posts will contain links to unique content targeting a specific language. For example a video with subtitles in that specific language.

    Should we have one multisite installation with Domain Mapping to clearly separate the top level domains and then use sub-domains for the specific language sites? Which I believe would be as I’ve outlined above.
    Or use Domain Mapping to clearly separate the top level domains and then use sub-directories?
    Example: for English speakers for Japanese speakers for xx speakers

    Or are there better solutions?
    We plan to having more than 12 such top level domains, each targeting multiple languages.

    I understand that using Multisite will help speed up development as we would only have one FTP account.

    Regarding media, should we host all audio, video and image content on Amazon S3 or should we host it on the same server as the WP installation and then just use a CDN?

    Thank you

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  • Hmm.

    You may want to do a MultiNetwork install, where you make, and map to that, and from that create the subsites.

    Thank you.
    Should I use subdomains as for xx speakers
    or subdirectories as for xx speakers

    Subfolders would be easier.

    If it is best to use subfolders then I should choose subfolders as I am creating the multisite network, correct?
    I get the warning I cannot create them as the wordpress installation is not new even though I’ve just installed it. Maybe it has something do to with the cPanel Quickinstall WordPress process?

    I read a post from Andrea r stating that subdomains works best for SEO as google should thing they are separate entities. Although in my case this might not be useful as the whole site including subdomains or subfolders is about one specific topic.

    Thank you

    Best is not always easiest 🙂 A lot of this depends on your skill-set.

    (Andrea’s information is no longer correct, as of last year, when Google got smart. It now treats smaller site subdomains as parts of a whole, where as larger sites like tumblr and it knows they’re separate. And Andrea and I cheered about this when it happened 😀 )

    Now, don’t reinstall WP.

    You already have a multisite, right? Just add a Multisite Multinetwork plugin.

    Hello everybody
    i ask the question here because is a bit related and it is fresh…
    i have to set up a multisite commercial hardwood flooring site, but i would like the salesman..say in Canada have their own child site.They will show their unique area covered…galleries of pictures etc…
    So far so good..But i want their content to be counted and add to the overall page rank of the main site..
    so the age old question, what is better for SEO. what helps the most, subdirectories or subdomains? i would like to do it right from the start.

    Thanks in advance

    stefp799 – Please make your own topic.

    @ipstenu, thanks for the help.
    I’ll go with the subfolder install then.
    I’ll just reinstall WordPress as I don’t want to risk creating some issues with a multisite multinetwork plugin and then not be able to understand what I’ve broken 😉

    Actually I specially installed multisite for multilingual reason. After used couple multilingual plugin I think it is more optimal. I used subfolders for two additional languages /fr and /ru. You can see my site:
    I think your structure will be better and “understandable” with subfolders for each language: for English speakers for Japanese speakers
    Main language you can use without subfolder.

    Thank you for your feedback, can I ask what plugin you used for multi language?
    I was thinking of using multilingual-press
    Thank you

    I used qTranslate (read this) then WPML.
    But I recommend you use just multisite… yes multilingual plugin is seems very attractive… but with multisite you will have much more freedom. There are lot of advantages of multisite I’ll write an article according my experience when I have time.

    Thank you I will try my best!
    Hope to read your article soon.

    For anyone else following this topic.
    Just installing multisite and domain mapping will not be sufficient to host a network of sites each with subfolders or subdomains, you need to install one of these plugins, or maybe find another solution

    WP Multi Network

    Networks for WordPress

    Networks+ PAID

    Update on my progress.
    I’ve decided to just go with separate wordpress installations for each and then activate subfolders.
    This allows me to have separate databases for each

    multi network plugins are great but pushing the boundaries of what I can understand and manage.

    Now to figure out if I should install each worpdress installation in public_html/ or just in root under

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