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    Hi, I’m new to WordPress and CMS in general. I intend to develop a website locally and export to an ftp server. I don’t have any other access to the web server. I have plans for developing separate sites for different clients so a multi-site WP set-up could be beneficial.

    Locally I’m in a Linux environment (gentoo) with an nginx server and I use Eclipse for coding, although I haven’t used any PHP modules in Eclipse before.

    What would be a good work flow in order to minimise any modifications to files/database before uploading code and database? And what would such, if any, modifications be?

    I imagine I’m not the only one who envision or use such a set-up, but I haven’t been able to find any guides for a good work-flow.

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  • Good question. I am hoping someone will give a good answer.
    I have only created a multisite online not locally.

    A side note:
    A plugin to easily upload from local to live is the Duplicator.

    I used Duplicator which you suggested and it seems to work fine.

    Hi Serons

    I have also created a video tutorial on how to use Duplicator:

    Have a great weekend!

    Hi all,
    You can also do this:

    1. Work in local adding posts themes and anything else
    2. Backup of wordpress database (generate sql script)
    3. Uploading wordpress local installation folder
    4. Creating remote database and running sql script (will load everything)
    5. Gotta change url of site at options database table (oops!)
    6. When logging in as admin gotta change url site in general settings

    And then it will work ok… seems a lot of work but … i use to do it like this and it’s ok 😀

    This is how I do it:
    Work in local through MAMP, XAMPP etc.
    A video tutorial on using MAMP:

    Build the site with everything you need.
    Include the plugin Duplicator.
    In Duplicator: Backup your site, and the install(er) file.

    Go online to your hosting provider in the CPanel, or whichever panel you have access to through your hosting provider create a database, a user and password for the user.
    Upload the backup file and the installer file.
    Go to the domain and add to install the local WordPress backup with everything it includes.
    Video tutorial:

    Have a great day!

    does duplicator works with wp 3.4.1 ??

    Hey niksvicks

    I just tested WordPress 3.4.1. Backed up a site. Through MAMP and created a new database and installed the existing online site offline with the help of Duplicator. Everything looked in order.

    Bottom line – it should work fine.

    okay that’s nice 🙂

    also i would like to learn how to transfer wp site from one server to another (cpanel to cpanel: old cpanel is having 7 sites using addon domain and now want to move it to another server with seperate cpanels)

    Tried one method :
    I am doing following for it
    1.copy files from old cpanel to new one as it is using cuteFTP
    2. import DB thru phpmyadmin

    it was working fine yesterday but now showing error establishing databse connection .

    So i will try duplicator now

    Duplicator just backs up/copies the full wordpress site. It can then be copied to another online site or offline, or just kept as a backup. One will need to create a new database for the new site though. Either through Cpanel/whichever hosting provider panel one has access to or if making an offline site through MAMP, XAMP etc.

    I use Duplicator because it makes copying or moving a site fairly easy process. It is the easiest way that I know of. The developer is also very open for feedback and comments.



    I while ago I moved my developing environment to reside all locally on my MacBook (MEMP Mac/nginx). For some still unknown reason Duplicator silently fails at the database backup stage. Everything else in this setup works, including other plug-ins. I’ve been in contact with the developer but so far we’ve found no solution.

    I found another plug-in that works for me and that’s BackupBuddy by iThemes. It’s considerably more sophisticated but is quite pricey too. I don’t mean to advertise for it, but just to say that in my case that’s what I use since Duplicator doesn’t work for me in this setup.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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