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  • It may not have been updated for 3.0+.

    Network activation is built in, tho it doesn’t work the way a lot of people seem to think it does…. it was kinda similar to the above plugin, but PC gave a little more granular control.

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    The reason I was looking at this plugin is because I have a particular plugin that does not seem to function properly when network activated. However after some testing I discovered that if I activated the plugin on each individual site it would work fine so I though that this may be the solution.

    Do you know how I could fix this plugin to work properly over the network?

    The problem occurs when trying to create a new playlist

    A lot depends on what exactly you’re looking for the plug-in to do.

    I install WPMU Plugin Stats on all of my Multi-Site installs, but the only thing it really does is keep track of which plug-ins are activated on which sites (making it really simple to find out which plug-ins aren’t activated anywhere and, can therefore be removed).

    As Andrea said, Network Activation is built-in to WPMultiSite, so you don’t need a plug-in to make sure a plug-in is activated on all of your sites (existing and new).

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    This looks like it could work. What do you think?


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    I totally understand that Network Activation is bultin and I have been happily using it with loads of other plugins, however I just can’t manage to make it work 100% with this the Billboard Manager plugin.

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    What I want is to have is a standard set of plugins that are activated when a new site is created.

    However each plugin will need to be deactivated if not required individually without deactivating across all the other sites.

    The granular level of control that Plugin Commander offers seems like it should do the job (If I could get it to work).

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    You can do that natively in my experience.

    I Network Activated Akismet, which means my new site has it on by default, but I turned it off for the one site that didn’t need it (no comments allowed).

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    Thanks, I will try and pursue the route of fixing the plugin so it functions properly by network activation.

    I have installed both plugins mentioned but I have to change the settings for each and any blog. There is anything I can use that will apply settings to a specific plugin all over the blogs in the network?

    There is anything I can use that will apply settings to a specific plugin all over the blogs in the network?

    No, not unless you want it on new sites by default.

    If it;s alreayd active on exisiting blogs, global settings need to be built in to the plugin itself.

    @hyperdude – yep, it;s an issue with your plugin. the proper=-network-activation plugin may help a bit, but there are many (MANY) plugins out there that were not built with multisite in mind at all.

    @andrea – Yes, I want it on new sites by default. I’m using “Proper Network Activation” to activate plugins to all blogs but I cannot replicate setting… How do I do it?
    Thanks for your reply.

    but I cannot replicate setting…

    you need a different plugin for that. Plugin commander never did it.

    If you want to replicate settings throughout the entire network, you can try using YD Network-wide Options. However, as far as I know, if you tell YD Network-wide Options to make a setting global, that setting cannot be overridden on an individual site.

    And YD isn’t good for larger sites. like over 40 blogs.

    there’s also the replicator, but it’s paid.

    Replicator is worth every penny. Just sayin’.

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