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  1. hyperdude
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I am looking for a plugin to manage all plugins across the network. I have looked at this one so far. On the surface it looks perfect. It just don't work for me though.

    Plugin Commander

    I am running version 3.0.3 of WPMS

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. It may not have been updated for 3.0+.

    Network activation is built in, tho it doesn't work the way a lot of people seem to think it does.... it was kinda similar to the above plugin, but PC gave a little more granular control.

  3. hyperdude
    Posted 4 years ago #

    The reason I was looking at this plugin is because I have a particular plugin that does not seem to function properly when network activated. However after some testing I discovered that if I activated the plugin on each individual site it would work fine so I though that this may be the solution.

    Do you know how I could fix this plugin to work properly over the network?http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tierra-billboard-manager/

    The problem occurs when trying to create a new playlist

  4. Curtiss Grymala
    Posted 4 years ago #

    A lot depends on what exactly you're looking for the plug-in to do.

    I install WPMU Plugin Stats on all of my Multi-Site installs, but the only thing it really does is keep track of which plug-ins are activated on which sites (making it really simple to find out which plug-ins aren't activated anywhere and, can therefore be removed).

    As Andrea said, Network Activation is built-in to WPMultiSite, so you don't need a plug-in to make sure a plug-in is activated on all of your sites (existing and new).

  5. hyperdude
    Posted 4 years ago #

    This looks like it could work. What do you think?


  6. hyperdude
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I totally understand that Network Activation is bultin and I have been happily using it with loads of other plugins, however I just can't manage to make it work 100% with this the Billboard Manager plugin.


  7. hyperdude
    Posted 4 years ago #

    What I want is to have is a standard set of plugins that are activated when a new site is created.

    However each plugin will need to be deactivated if not required individually without deactivating across all the other sites.

    The granular level of control that Plugin Commander offers seems like it should do the job (If I could get it to work).

  8. You can do that natively in my experience.

    I Network Activated Akismet, which means my new site has it on by default, but I turned it off for the one site that didn't need it (no comments allowed).

  9. hyperdude
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks, I will try and pursue the route of fixing the plugin so it functions properly by network activation.

  10. spook65
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have installed both plugins mentioned but I have to change the settings for each and any blog. There is anything I can use that will apply settings to a specific plugin all over the blogs in the network?

  11. There is anything I can use that will apply settings to a specific plugin all over the blogs in the network?

    No, not unless you want it on new sites by default.

    If it;s alreayd active on exisiting blogs, global settings need to be built in to the plugin itself.

    @hyperdude - yep, it;s an issue with your plugin. the proper=-network-activation plugin may help a bit, but there are many (MANY) plugins out there that were not built with multisite in mind at all.

  12. spook65
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @Andrea - Yes, I want it on new sites by default. I'm using "Proper Network Activation" to activate plugins to all blogs but I cannot replicate setting... How do I do it?
    Thanks for your reply.

  13. but I cannot replicate setting...

    you need a different plugin for that. Plugin commander never did it.

  14. Curtiss Grymala
    Posted 4 years ago #

    If you want to replicate settings throughout the entire network, you can try using YD Network-wide Options. However, as far as I know, if you tell YD Network-wide Options to make a setting global, that setting cannot be overridden on an individual site.

  15. And YD isn't good for larger sites. like over 40 blogs.

    there's also the replicator, but it's paid.

  16. justbishop
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Replicator is worth every penny. Just sayin'.

  17. ydubois
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I wonder where the idea that YD Network Wide Options won't support sites of more than 40 blogs comes from? This is just plain false: the plugin has been developed for a site of more than 100 blogs in the first place. It will support an unlimited amount of blogs if system performance and memory allow fast-enough option replication.

    It is also false that global settings will automatically override individual blog settings: this is an option in the plugin settings (it can either overwrite existing settings, or leave them be).

    Please check out a plugin's actual features before giving biased advice. Contacting the plugin author might be a starting point. YD Network Wide Options is a completely free plugin and although maybe not perfect for every use, it is absolutely free software, which is sometimes troubling for other individuals promoting commercial solutions. Please consider checking out the free alternative first, and if some feature is missing, donating is a great way to improve the software so that everyone in the community can benefit from the improvement.

    (a bit tired of reading false reviews of my work)

  18. justbishop
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Sorry, I wasn't meaning to promote one plugin over the other. Truth is that I use both on my site, each for different reasons. I've found both plugins to work wonderfully, though I can't comment on sites with larger numbers of child sites (I have <20 at the moment).

  19. As far as I know, it was on the readme of the first rendition?

    My apologies if that is not the case.

  20. Ron Rennick
    MultiSite Guru
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @ydubois - from your change log:

    Bugfix: memory leak when replicating to a large number of blogs
    Bugfix: possible unwanted recursion when updating an option
    Improved settings page design
    Debug messages for diagnosing memory problems

    There are 12,600+ plugins in extend. Expecting that the volunteers who provide support here to keep up to date on all of those plugins is unreasonable. At one point your plugin had issues with a larger number of sites (per the changelog above).

  21. ydubois
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @Ron: Yeah sure, at one time the Earth did not even exist, too :D

    The point is, a "bugfix" statement in open source code means just that: it has been fixed... a very long time ago. Not to mention that the memory leak that existed when changing a lot of options came from the WP core function and not the plugin itself, so any extension following the same path would have had to get around the same wall.

    I don't get your point about volunteers. I'm a volunteer too, and easily reachable. Volunteers can refrain from stating judgements about third-party plugins they did not even try out. I have no idea whatsoever on what other solutions around are worth, because I did not try them, especially the commercial ones. I guess they are just great and I respect the people that developed them. But not knowing them, I just avoid giving any kind of judgement. Users of WP-hosted extensions can give stars to rate the actual usefulness of a plugin, they should know because they're actually using it. 100% of the users of this plugin have given it 5 stars. I guess that means in someway it works OK for them.

    @Andrea: I don't mind, Ron is right it's hard to keep up-to-date on so many subjects. I would never even have hit on this forum thread if a potential user did not come forward on my developer's blog and ask if the plugin worked at all. So here is the opportunity for me to state that yes, it works pretty well on a few productions environments that I know about, and the latest version is even cooler because it can also replicate custom table data in addition to any WP option. (meaning some of the plugin settings that could not be replicated up to now are now available: for example, I have WPML auto-installing network-wide on a site.)

    And to make it short: it's free, so the best way to know if it'll work for you is to just try it out!

  22. And to make it short: it's free, so the best way to know if it'll work for you is to just try it out!

    Also to tag posts so the plugin author gets alerted ;) And report any issues you may have. If they don't know, they can't fix it :)

    Nearly everyone here is a volunteer. If we all shied away from personal comments when helping, fu**all would get done. Andrea apologized, ydubois accepted, now we know if works. Yay! :)

    Back to the topic at hand now. Everyone good with plugin managers or do we still need help there?

  23. Ron Rennick
    MultiSite Guru
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @ydubois - My point about volunteers is that you are expecting the volunteers here to contact you and/or test your plugin prior to responding to threads. Expecting the folks here to keep the contact info and/or test 12,600+ plugins is an unreasonable expectation.

    You could assist the folks here by subscribing to the feed of your plugins forum posts which you can find here - http://wordpress.org/tags/multisite-plugin-manager. Once you are subscribed you can then respond to the thread with what you deem to be accurate/current information.

  24. ydubois
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I already subscribed to all forum tags directly pertaining to my own plugins. "Multisite Plugin Manager" isn't the name of one of my plugins. So as Ipstenu advised, this thread should have been tagged with the name of the discussed plugins (which is not easy to do!). There is no way for me to guess where one of my plugins is going to be discussed. Anyway, I am rather glad that people speak of my work, so I won't complain. And I'm adding the tag now.

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