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    @sandeepsisfy – Thanks for taking out time to rate our plugin. I was wondering why you chose to give us 4 out of 5 – is it something in the plugin that caused an issue, or is it support that was not up to the mark?

    Also, I reviewed your profile and it seems you have a history of leaving random and unjustified reviews to plugins.

    I am not sure how authentic this review is, so I am bringing in the moderator as this unjustified review may misguide the community – @modlook


    This is my wish how i rated your plugin. you are not authorize to command/force to anyone to give your plugin 5 star. In future if i found more useful your plugin than accordingly i will change my rating.


    @sandeepsisfy- Of course you are free to rate a plugin as per your experience. You, us and others who are reading or might read this topic in future belong to one community i.e As a community peer, no one is superior or can force another member, all we want to know is the secret to that 5th star because as far as I am concerned each feedback is an opportunity to improve.

    We are very much open to criticism, just that we want to know the base of that criticism. Hope that’s not too much to ask for, if it is you can choose not to help me with the details.


    I am flabbergasted at the arrogance of the plugin author, DualCube, stating:

    “I am not sure how authentic this review is, so I am bringing in the moderator as this unjustified review may misguide the community”

    Really? You’re bringing in a moderator because the guy initially voted 4 out of 5 and not what you wanted, your perfect 5? What a presumptuous, pompous and conceited remark; so full of exaggerated self-importance. You report a guy for rating you a high 4? Wow. This is a first.

    Say what you will and backpedal later on saying you’re open to criticism when the original reply clearly states you’re not.

    Hey @sandeepsisfy, are you joking? you cannot say you like the plugin and then rate it with 1 of 5 stars. If something it is going bad so report it, otherwise say thank you for the work that the authors share with you and rate it with a good review.
    PS. I’m a user.



    sandeepsisfy – it is not a normal behavior.

    Actually, just to clarify (having accidentally stumbled into this again just now) Sandeepsisfy appears to have originally rated it 4 stars out of 5. (Read the first two posts.)

    Now it’s 1 star out of 5, maybe because he was frustrated at the demeanor of plugin author/dualcube, and as such (and rightly so based on his initial response if you read it above) changed his rating down, especially as based on the exchange above.

    @sandeepsisfy Thanks for posting this and I totally share your review. The plugin and the assistance has not improved so far (I’ve even bought their $80 addons to manage products and it’s un-commentable really).

    The code is poor and it’s not worthy the cost. I confirm that the documentation doesn’t exist yet.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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