• I acutally just made up an account just to write a review for this perfect tool.

    I came across thhis plugin around 6 months ago – and i cant tell enough how good it is.
    To be honest, the setup of this plugin wasnt the easiest – there was a lot of tweaking needed every here and there to get it running perfectly.
    You at least need to have basic skills with wordpress to get it to work.
    But after you obtain that: It works just perfect!
    I mean, it even has its own Android App which is super simple and easy to use!
    The only problem i had, was that when customers are buying tickets on my website, the tickets automaticcaly were sent out and were valid, even if they were not paid – which even got patched in the latest update. Props to that!

    To everyone seeking a free to use tool for Ticketing: Here it is!

    Thank you for developing this!
    If you need to get it translated to german, just hit me up!

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