• When you put together a wordpress site you quickly realize there’s a lot to do. So the plugin directory is gold for all the things you need to put together something unique for your business.
    Of course business needs to work with customers, and some of us will need to send a contract, get a signature on file, and terms to agree to BEFORE you can start getting the money.
    So if you want to expedite your contract negotiations and agreement on your website, for something that is legally binding (discuss with your business attorney first), and get the deal done all at once while someone is signing up, this plugin is for you.
    The ORDER SIGNATURE FOR WOOCOMMERCE plugin works right away with no issues. It puts the ‘signature pad’ in the checkout page, and makes it required. The signature they put in is displayed on the ‘thank you/order confirmation page’ and can be accessed by the customer from their accounts page.
    I wanted to include the signature in the ‘Paid or Completed Order’ Invoice so I contacted the support, and I have been greatly impressed with the efforts to help with that. I dont have the skills to modify the php files, but I was sent the shortcodes and php strings to put in the right place to make that happen. And when I expressed I was having an issue, Alex got back to me with a comforting email that if I couldn’t do it, there was an update coming soon that will, or they could do it as a custom effort for me as well.
    So far I cant get ahold of Ocean WP, Elementor, or hardly any plugins to respond to issues.
    So this developer has gone far beyond just making some code and putting it out there. This is a great alternative to other Signature Services, Like Docusign and Panda, to deliver just what is needed, and without the extra steps of the third party, and do it at the time of the order.
    Beautifully saving Businesses Time.

    Thanks to Alex and your crew!

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