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  • I’m giving it 4 for several reasons. The first one is that the basic functionality is just too much trimmed down. I would definitely expect that Excerpts & Thumbnails functionality is part of free plugin, maybe even feed to post since this is what the competition is offering as standard. On the other side, I have been looking around and testing various free plugins, but they were poorly coded, usually didn’t do what I’ve expected and even then the results were poor. Then I have looked on and other plugin sites but again I was disappointed since I really needed full text to post functionlity, and none of the demos available has convinced me with the live demos, some of them were already so old that were unsupported with my WP version. So took a deep breath and decided to go with this one + add-on bundle. The experience was overall great. The whole package has so many configurable options that I needed some time to get through them all. Most of them are not needed in my current setup, but it is good to have them around. The full text feed to post works flawlessly although that should not be a question for premium add-on. I am very satisfied with support, especially on recent issue with licenses I had, which turned out to be a bug, fixed in basic plugin version 4.9 just days after I have reported the issue. However the pricing for premium add-ons is too expensive, especially when compared to the prices on the market, themeforest for example, where a stunning & powerful theme, like Avada, costs only $59 including support for example, and RSS plugins can be purchased in range of $10-20 although providing only the basic functionality, with little configurable options. But none could handle full text (at least at the time I didn’t find any), none has so many options and versatility and with excellent support, this is the best plugin on the market, providing that add-on bundles are purchased. I am giving it 4 because the rating is for the base plugin, not the bundle, which definitely deserves 5. The basic functionality should really be extended, at least to thumbnails & excerpts, and the pricing is simply too high, if you look at the market. So if you are a professional, running large site which needs a versatile and powerful feed management, or you need it for your business, then definitely go for it as it is worth the investment. However if you’re only to add some bit of a rich content to your website, or fancy news ticker to your hobby blog or personal blog, then you’d better look elsewhere. This is a professional suite and the pricing is in accordance.

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  • Plugin Author Mark Zahra


    Hi @tamnais. thank you for your great feedback! Seeing our customer’s perspectives is what allows us to keep improving our plugin and service.

    I’m very glad to see that you enjoyed using our premium add-and and were happy with the support our team provided. We strive to provide the best support and products possible, so such positive feedback is what makes it all worth while 🙂

    With regards to the pricing, we believe that it is fair for the value that is added to your site when using our add-ons. The more basic add-ons such as Categories and Excerpts & Thumbnails do have low price-points since they only add certain features, however when you upgrade to something like Feed to Post and Full Text RSS Feeds, you are adding a whole host of new features and capabilities to your site, hence their higher cost.

    I understand your reasoning for the 3-star review for the core plugin since you were looking for more functionality. Having said that, since we promote our premium add-ons through this plugin repository, you are also allowed to rate the whole experience rather than just that of the core plugin. For this reason, would you consider updating the star rating to your thoughts on the whole package? Please do still keeping your original message intact since we feel it’s important for our customers to be able to explain their exact feelings and thoughts towards our products.

    Thank you for taking the time to get back to us and providing such a detailed perspective 🙂

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