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  • This plugin is essential if you want to localise your affiliate links to all amazon stores in the world. I saw a few negative reviews before downloading this plugin about the company using their own affiliate links if you are not signed up to the local amazon store of the country of your website visitor. I searched around at all the other plugins and read the terms of services and came straight back here as this is the best one. They have the cheapest monthly price plan that i saw and if you are just starting a website and building up visitors it is free to use which is needed, only 3 clicks out of every 100 go towards a Charity which is good and better than other plugins, as on other ones i saw you have to buy a subscription for your amazon affiliate links to work in different country’s on bestazon if you insert multiple affiliate id’s for different countries they work. which is why i got this plugin but if you are not registered in a country that a visitor is from they replace the affiliate id with their own which i do not see a problem with as it doesn’t change anything as i wouldn’t be getting the commission anyways, they aren’t being greedy and are contributing to charity’s which is good.

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    Thanks @pjunior95g

    Thanks for the detailed (and accurate) review – much appreciated.

    Yes, BestAzon is the most cost efficient Amazon Localization service, and the only one that uses non-monetized clicks to help non-profit organizations across the globe.

    Can you elaborate on this, BestAzon? On your website you compare Amazon plugins and one point is: “Uses its own tags ever? (Bestazon:) No”.

    So, what is it, do you or don’t you add your own tags if the site owner has no affiliate ID for a specific country?

    Plugin Author awesomeaffiliateplugins


    Thanks @bike.

    This is how BestAzon works:

    1. If the visitor is from a country where you have your own Affiliate ID, random 3% lf the clicks will use the tag from one of the non-profits

    2. If the visitor is from a country where you do not have any affiliate ID, the visit will use non-profit tag.

    We never use our own tage – i.e. a tag that will benefit BestAzon. That ensures that we do not have any incentives of trying to game the clicks in any way.

    Hope that makes sense?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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