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  • Great plugin. I will say that upfront but some features are lacking here.

    Optimise All button if you want to force an optimise of all is missing. You have to change the quality setting to anything other than the current quality to kick it off and then run it a second time to put it back to that quality.

    There is no option to remove all the files it creates when you uninstall the plugin so once you have optimised all your images and you want to remove the plugin,you are now stuck with all these additional images in your upload folders that you will probably not want.

    Not a major iussue but it would have made my life easier nonetheless. There is no option to see an output log of the optimise process from the dashboard page. You have to either log in to your hosts file manager and download the file there or access the log from

    Cliking the “Force Optimize” button on each image in your media library causes the site to hang and timeout eventually.

    Can think of anything else but otherwise a GREAT plugin considering it is free đŸ™‚

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  • Plugin Author


    Thanks a lot for your review, even if 3 stars out of 5 is a tough result according to our work we’ve made for Free :/


    Well, reviews should be honest and devoid from price influence. You shouldnt get a star just cause its free.

    With that thinking, I can write a plugin that simply places “Hello World” on my home page and I would expect to receive a star just cause I don’t charge. That isn’t sensible.

    Don’t take it personally, I love that it’s free and you should be rewarded for your efforts but these features I mention … even if it was part of a paid version, should be available to the end user.

    1. Re-Optimise all is a no brainer
    2. I should be able to remove all “unsmushed” backup copies of the pics with a click of a button when I uninstall your plugin. I’m removing the plugin so I should be removing all remnants of it.
    3. Output log is nothing major but would be a simple addition and would be nice to have.

    Maybe you should make a paid version to rake in some money with the “Reoptimise all” button. I would have paid for it.

    I think my review was fair. Free or not.

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