• I seriously don’t get the two negative reviews of this plugin/service. I’ve evaluated all of the reaction/share plugins. React and Share is almost 10x the price as this, and they offer a very small subset of the features and they ones they do offer aren’t well done. Vicomi Reactions is just a nightmare to use, assuming you can even signup for an account successfully.

    This plugin fulfills its promise perfectly. It’s well thought out, works the way you expect, and the backend is pretty nice, too. At $9 a month, it offers many times more functionality than React and Share, for a tenth of the price. It does so much more than all of the other Premium reaction plugins for maybe just a little bit more money. Not much, though.

    This is the absolutely perfect plugin for the job. Don’t waste your time with all the other plugins.

    (Regarding the reviewer angry because he didn’t get any reactions. How is that the plugin’s fault that you didn’t have enough traffic or people didn’t have any opinion about your content? The problem might not be the plugin. Just a though.)

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  • Plugin Author emojics


    Hi Ferghus,

    Thank you so much for you feedback and your support. We are really happy that you enjoy our service!

    Emojics Team

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