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  • The plugin itself is the okay, but they have modelled members as post objects. This will mean you can’t use this plugin in an integrated organisation as members need too actually have an account and hence be users.

    Do unless you are running a very basic organisation I’d give this a miss.

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  • Plugin Author pstruik


    Hi ‘Shawfactor’,

    Thanks for taking time to evaluate my plugin and providing feedback.

    Your feedback suggests that members *must* be WP users. As this is not true, I would like to ask you to explore a bit more on the kind of restriction you are experiencing.

    If I wasn’t obvious what I meant was that most organisations are going to want their members to be users and hence update their own details, subscriptions etc.

    This is not possible with your plugin and hence any organisation that uses your plugin is sending themselves down a dead end. Hence I would not recommend your plugin. It otherwise seems good but as I said it is a fundamental flaw for most organisations.

    Plugin Author pstruik


    This plugin is meant for managing *sports* clubs (typically <300 members) and – more important – managing the competitions, leagues, matches that are organized by sports clubs. For these kind of clubs it works perfectly (10+ years of experience with this, before contributing the plugin to the community).

    If you’re interested in membership plugins for *any* organization of 1000s of members, this is just not the plugin for you.

    (Agree: updates by members is a good feature. I have been looking into this, but WP is not too supportive on these features yet. Although the request for these kind of features pop up at every WP release, have not seen a simple solution yet.)

    I’m president of similar organisation, 400 members. I can assure you that the functionality I’m talking about is essential for all organisations (both smaller and larger).

    It is a pity you won’t overhaul your plugin, as I said it looks promising but if members aren’t users it is a dead end for any organisation.

    Plugin Author pstruik


    There is no need to overhaul this. Such a feature is on my list as an enhancement. Apparently, we differ on priority… As said, however, WP is not too supportive on this yet. I believe you are aware of that.

    FYI: For my own sports club, members *are* users. And this information is used.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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