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  • Hi all —

    Building a WP website for a friend and running into issues trying to combine functionalities of plug-ins. Using WP e-Commerce to allow him to showcase his CDs [he is a musician and has four different albums that need to be displayed], as well as sell the physical discs through the website. Seems to be working well so far.

    We’ve created high-quality 30-second MP3 samples of all his CD tracks that should be visible from the product page for each CD in the form of an inline MP3 player. I’ve been toying with the MP3 Player plugin by Thomas Norberg but I can’t seem to figure out how to produce multiple playlists or iterations of the player [in other words, a playlist for each album]. Each player iteration would ideally be able to display the playlist for each CD individually and allow users to select individual samples to play, based on which CD’s product page they’re in at the moment.

    Does such a player exist, or am I just not using Norberg’s MP3 Player plugin correctly?

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  • I’d also be okay with a format such as the one on Justin Guarini’s website but can’t figure out from the source code what plugin it uses.

    I think JG’s website might be using this?

    I’ve tried to install the 1-bit audio player recently and got this error: The plugin does not have a valid header.

    Blah! I am using wp 3.2 and can’t seem to find a decent mp3 player for wp either. Each of the popular ones have major issues with each of them.

    Thanks flick for the link! You’re right. 1-Bit is definitely what is on that web site. Unfortunately, I’m getting the same error message as DarbyOhara. The plugin will install, but will not activate. I tested an MP3 link just to be sure it wouldn’t work anyway, and it doesn’t. Won’t even show up in my list of installed plugins, even though I know it is installed [just not activated]. Any ideas on how I can circumvent the error? I noticed the source code is available at github but when it comes to plugins I barely know what I’m looking at with respect to the source. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

    You’re welcome, ScoobyDude.

    I have just tried to install it and have found that you would need to install it manually (by downloading the zip and uploading the folder called ‘1bit’ *within* the main folder – also as per installation instructions) in order for it to show up in the installed plugin section.

    I guess this may be because it was only developed for versions of WP up to 2.5, and I believe that the admin-interface-plugin-install feature that we love/use now was only introduced in later versions of WordPress.

    JG’s website appears to be running WP 3.1.4 so it’s quite likely that the plugin still works. If not, MP3-JPlayer looks promising too.

    Awesome! Instructions worked–so excited!

    flick, do you know the best way to change the color of the Play button? Based on the plugin developer’s website vs. what’s on Justin’s website, it looks like it should change with the theme, but right now it appears as a white box:

    The link is next to What a Wonderful World. Don’t expect to hear the song correctly, though–apparently I’m also new enough to Logic that I screwed up all the samples, hahaha.

    Glad you managed to get it up and running! I think I heard a sample of a piano piece but it cut off rather suddenly…

    Colours-wise, I get the default blue triangle on white background.But I think there is an Options page under ‘Settings’ that you might well be able to use to edit colours etc.

    Hmm, I don’t see an options or settings page tied to the plugin. The WordPress global settings don’t appear to have any options pertaining to the plugin, either. There appear to be three files tied to the plugin, including ways to adjust the color, but I’m not sure which ones would do the trick.

    Mine is under ‘Settings’->’1 Bit Audio Player’ and this is a screenshot of some of the options, if it’s any help?

    Hmm… well it’s there now! Either I needed to logout and log back into Dashboard to see those settings or I’m just ditzy for not seeing them before. Either way, thank you thank you thank you.

    P.S. – setting the player size to automatic appears to give the computer a little too much creative license. Mine took up literally about half the page lol

    It’s always good to know that a plugin that’s so useful still works 😉

    Your site looks very nice by the way – good luck with the rest of the development process!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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