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  • I am looking for the most effective way to play back video files.

    I need to be able to play videos that are hosted on my server and not embed them from other sites.

    Also, I need them to play across browsers, and on Mac products.

    I have played around with the MediaElement.js plugin and also VideoJS and neither has worked very well for me. It’s possible, or even likely, that it’s user error, but I was hoping that there might be a simpler way.

    If anyone has any ideas or can help me with MediaElement.js (I’ve had the most success with this one) I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • Hey there, so I came across your post while I was looking at VideoPress. The VideoJS has been working really well for me. I think if you are having trouble with it, that it is a problem easily worked out.

    As a formula, we converted the video to h.264 and uploaded that. The VideoJS plugin plays that version if the browser supports it, and falls back to flash if it doesn’t. A colleague of mine also tried uploading additional formats and that worked too.

    However, it would seem on some hosts you have to add something to your .htaccess file to associate certain file types. Let’s talk about the problem you were having playing the video and go from there.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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