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  • So, I have searched and read many topics on creating multi-lingual sites using various plugins. I have downloaded and tried qtranslate, and while its a great plugin, I dont think its fits my needs. I am new at WordPress and was hoping somebody could advise me if I am going the right route, as detailed below.

    Essentially, I need English and Spanish versions of the site. The site was built using a theme I purchased with many custom options, where I can control text for slideshows, amongst other things, through the control panel. It also has an easy page to control the menu.

    I cant get Qtranslate to work to translate the menu, but also, I have images, including in the slideshow, logo, etc. that have text. So would need any plug in to be able to switch images as well, when the second language was chosen by a user.

    The only thing I can think to do, is to create a subdomain, with a separate wordpress installation, and load the whole site there with the spanish version, and have a link somewhere where users could switch between the main and subdomain. Is that a method a more experienced wordpress user would recommend? Or is there something easier I am missing? I would imagine to do that I need a second mysql database, and to somehow configure wordpress to treat dates and searches and such in spanish as well. Any input is greatly appreciate.

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