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    I'm getting ready to transfer my blog from pMachine 2.3 to WordPress.

    On my current pMachine blog, I 2 separate blogs set up - the regular one which anyone can see upon visiting my site, and also a separate "secret blog" which is only viewable by a select group of members.

    I would like to continue writing "secret" content that only members can see. I'm hoping that with WordPress I can integrate those private entries into my main blog.

    So basically what I want are 3 "levels" of access:

    1. Casual non-subscribed visitors - They can view non-private entries, but not comment on them.

    2. "Subscribers" - they can view the regular blog entries, and comment on them. I want to require users to subscribe in order to comment as a means of preventing spammers.

    3. "Members" - These are subscribers who are given the extra permission to view my "secret" blog entries.

    I know there are WP plug-ins which will allow me to manage my content this way, but I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of the most popular member content plug-in(s) that will suit my needs best.

    Also - as a separate question... has anyone come up with a way to import pMachine 2.3 entries into WP 2.0.5? I've done a lot of searching here but the postings I've found seem to be inconclusive.

    Thanks in advance!

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