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  • Myles is doing great work with this plugin! It is very lean, with simple logic, and focused on the things that matter most; easy navigation, responsive design, student progress tracking, student profile, easily getting right back to the content for students from a dashboard and more.

    Highlights for me include:

    Excellent Support: Myles is very fast to respond to bugs and updates quickly. This is essential to running a business with paying members who are demanding things work properly.

    I love that completion is tracked on lessons, and progress is a course thing. This means a student can complete a lesson whether it is inside or outside a course. It is also tracking view progress vs manual completion which is so good for students to differentiate what’s been seen vs done.

    The pro-add-ons really kick things up a notch for those who want the additional features, but all the plugin to stay lean for those that don’t need it. Triggered Emails is insanely simple and super important for user engagement, coaching, and encouragement.

    The badge add looks very promising as well. This will also for more complex paths through content without needing to deal with prereqs and a bunch of constrictions that students of an online environment don’t particularly enjoy or want. It’s really nice not having to deal with bloated gamification plugins like BadgeOS and gamipress. What’s also awesome about badges is that they are separate from course completion, so you have the flexibility to award completion for all courses, certain courses, or even individual lessons, or a random group of lessons. You can really design it as you want.

    Comparing to a few other LMS’s.

    – Learn Dash is robust but so bloated from years of listening to every feature request ever made. WP Courses tracks progress way better and displays it easier for users and admins. Learn Dash also doesn’t support lesson completion when it is outside a course. Learn dash tracks progress in relation to a course that makes moving stuff around a nightmare. Also, you can add a lesson to a course or improve courses over time and have it update user progress but with WP Courses, it’s super logical and straight forward.

    – WP Courses vs LearnPress: This plugin is pretty good, but they don’t really support single lessons outside of courses. Such a pain if you want to release small stuff, and then eventually included it in a course, without the user losing progress. WP Courses solves this issue by letting lessons stand along, and look good when they do and have a mark complete button. Bam!

    I have high hopes for this plugin and looking forward to seeing thorough documentation for hooks and filters and support of template overrides.

    Not sure if I can update this review as I learn more, but for now, loving it!

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