• Hi,

    This is the best Javascript-based page view counts for my website because it works with other major CACHE plugins such as WP Fastest Cache, SuperCache, etc. without more custom codes.

    My only drawbacks of this plugin are:

    1. It is dependent on a third party website to count page views which may cause poor website performance.

    2. There is no guide on how to reset those page view counts to Zero every month, 6 months or year, etc.

    However, I still give 5 STARs to this plugin despite the above drawbacks.

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  • Plugin Author Gennady Kovshenin


    Thanks for the 5 stars 🙂

    1. The plugin was created to improve website performance, not degrade it! By never storing data in your database or making any calculations we are doing the hard work on dedicated hardware.


    If you’re seeing degraded performance in any way please contact support@pressjitsu.com with your website URL.

    2. This can either be done by contacting support, or by using the API https://pv.pjtsu.com/ by calling set with 0 values with all post IDs that you need it reset for.

    Hope this helps. Again, thanks for the 5 stars!

    Thread Starter daro2013



    Thank you for your reply.

    1. yes, it seems not degrade my website performance at all. But I still prefer local calculation of view counts on my server instead of relying on a third party website.

    2. What function I need to make changes to in your plugin?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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