• Why is this the best inventory plugin?
    – You can scan orders and products
    – you can easily manage inventory in a fast way
    – AND it has location fields like “inventory, rack, shelf”.

    So: an fine overal solution for managing inventory

    The combination of the scan-options, the user-friendly interface and the location fields makes this plugin quit unique in it’s niche.

    And soon there will be an IOS app; which really is freaking awesome.
    For 95% of the WooCommerce stores; this is it. This is THE inventory plugin.
    The other 5% of shops with bigger stocks (and warehouses) and features like automatic ordering is another niche.

    And their support service totally rocks.
    The location field were in fact my idea. I presented my idea to support; and they saw opportunity. And they implemented the new feature-request. In other words: these people really take support to another level.

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