• I was looking for a plugin to add labels. Spent hours testing and trying out what was available only to be disappointed each time or not totally satisfied with what was offered. Then fell upon this plugin Advanced Woo Labels and gave it a go! after playing around and testing I realized it was just Phenomenal compared to the competition! You can do anything you want with Text labels and Image labels(Pro version) And place them anywhere you want. So simple to use and user friendly. Nothing to wonder about, straight forward in design and application.

    However this is not the kicker, I contacted the author(support) to ask first question, Responded in 2 hours! Asked another question. Same fast response. Then I asked if a new feature could have added in some way to the plug in based on my needs… Michael responded in less than a 12 hours and after a few back and forth With ideas Micheal sent back a new version of the plug in WITH Code to do exactly what I needed for my site with instructions 🙂 amazing! Then I even asked to look at some further issues and Michael helped with that aswell in a quick same day reply manner.

    I thank him again and his team for the superior service and support! Recommended to all looking for a plugin with unlimited capability to add labels and Custom image labels to your product pages. I did opt for the pro version and don’t regret it for a second. Very impressed.

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