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  • I have been looking at the image-related plugins available, and I’m just sort of torn on what to try.

    I want to be able to easily post single, full-sized photos, as well as thumnail galleries linked to larger photos (though i want popup and not just clicking to the actual file on a blank page.)

    What would help me, is to see how people are implementing photo plugins on their sites.. so share a link to show me what you’re doing/and what you’re using?

    Or just suggest a plugin that you think might be good?

    thanks. -

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  • Try to start here:
    because the “best” is a matter of taste…

    I’ve played with PhotoPress, just in testing.

    Nothing to point you to personally, but it makes uploading easy and allows you to add either the full photo or the thumbnail to a post. The pictures link directly to the photo album. The photo album is managed from the dashboard and includes categories of its own.

    There isn’t a thumbnail gallery function, but you could certainly add multiple thumbnails to a post. You’d need to format them with a stylesheet or something. Other than that it sounds like just what you described.

    moshu, I know you were trying to be helpful, but she wasn’t asking for a list of plugins. She specifically wanted recommendations from people who had used them. Chances are she knows how to go to do a search, since she’s a Google Wh%#e (per her blog).

    thanks tom 🙂 and yes, I noticed the trackback via the google whore entry lol.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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