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  • First off I want to tell everyone that I know there have been tons of posts about image plugins, and I have read them all but I haven’t found any that I like. I need a plugin that will allow me to create photo galleries within pages. I want the photos to be separated into categories and everything should be really well integrated into WordPress. What plugin do you guys think I should use? Is there even a plugin that exists that will do what I want? I want to thank everyone for their help in advance.

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  • Thanks for your reply Lorelle, but I really don’t want to change my theme. Thanks for your help though.

    Reality is, a lot of people post “I want the best that does everything I want” regarding gallery and photoblog stuff. For a couple years people have made many suggestions on what is “their favorite”, and while it works for some, it doesn’t work for others.

    Your best bet is to check the WordPress Codex at especially in the section on Plugin Images and Galleries at and at to see what is listed and read about the specifics to see if they do what you want them to do.

    While there are several choices, there are not that many choices, and one may serve you better than another.

    We do our best here, but on this, it’s really about personal preferences. Besides, for the most part, most of these are fast and easy to install and uninstall so you can try.

    And when you find one that meets all your needs, help others by posting about it, and then others like you can search the forum and get a good idea of what works for you might work for them.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    When it comes down to it, the image plugins are actually fully featured scripts when what many people want is actually looked at.
    As such, WP is not a photoblog – it’s a word blog.

    I would suggest that anyone wanting a photoblog goes to look for a photoblog.

    What podz said really if you simply want a gallery that displays images as part of your site and can integrate well, then I recommend SPG. Here’s a review I did for the WRC:

    It’s probably the easiest to integrate – you could use it for photoblogging, but you want a bit of this and a bit of that, which is perfectly valid – however, there’s no one plugin that covers all these areas. Failing that, you can try to write a gallery plugin yourself.

    Is there a WP plugin for Gallery that just makes Gallery integrate into WP from a look and feel point of view? I don’t necessarily need or want to include links to thumbnails from my blog. I just want users to be able to view my Gallery without feeling like they are leaving one part of my site for another.

    i’ve discovered one image plugin which is small in file size, super easy to install and match perfectly with your blog and that is:
    it’s the best plugin around and best of all, looks good and most of all, super easy to use.

    LazyGallery is cool, but I kept having problems with it (can’t remember what now!).

    So I’ve ended up using Photopress – it’s very simple & unobtrusive.

    I think if/when I need more features, I’m going to get the open source Gallery2 and using the available wp interface plugin(s).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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