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  • Hi everyone,

    OK if you’ve read my other strings of support questions:

    you’ll know that I’ve been having a lot of connection problems.

    So most people have implied or suggested that I change hosting. I’m currently with GoDaddy and yes, some of you who have contacted me on IM said GoDaddy isn’t very good.

    So PLEEEEZE tell me which hosting I should move to that fully supports WordPress and eliminates all the slowness problems posted in my other question, as well as auto-installs the newest WordPress version (so I don’t have to go through this headachey upgrade process.)

    I’ve read the ones listed on but I’d much rather get input from YOU because I know a lot of you are highly technical and experienced.

    Please suggest a few AWESOME providers that you HAVE USED without experiencing problems and provide me a link. Any input will be very helpful!!

    (Also I need a hosting that offers FrontPage extensions, too. And less than $30/month would be great.)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! (~_^)

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  • Ah…. well, I can’t do better than to send you here:

    Network Redux

    I run a reseller, website design/management business on NR. I’m MORE than happy. Compared to my previous (long time at that) host, they’re STERLING.

    I have had excellent WordPress results with my host 🙂

    I am at A Small Orange. They are Outstanding. They also support Habari, which could be handy in due course.:)

    Anymore to recommend? I’m becoming unhappy with my host also.

    Try Kiosk, one of my site have been using their service for 2 years already, never got problem, whenever for whatever the questiones I asked, their feedback very fast. Service is really good.

    I am thinking of move one of my another site (slow connection and always have Network problem …) to Kiosk as well. It will give you a lot of headache if not use the right Host.

    If you want to see more host providers, check out those Recommendations

    Dreamhost users always seem happy–well happy about Dreamhost ;). ( also gets good reviews.

    I have been hosting with EHostOne I am happy with there service and support. Very affordable prices. They also offer fantastico with most of there hosting plans so you can install wordpress in a click.

    A little late but I would NOT recommend using “The Host Group.”

    At one point Yahoo recommended Webble You who went out of business and transferred hosting duties to The Host Group.

    They are “iffy” at best with WordPress. But as of Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007 I am still offline as they “upgrade” servers.

    Their last phone message states they are now 99% complete with one server left to “correct.” That’s nice, I must be one of the bottom feeders. Lost adsense income is one very big issue I have at this point, besides the fact they never announced the upgrade and probably thought the could complete this midnight to 5 a.m.

    Very poor planning. With that said, has anyone used Yahoo hosting for WordPress blogging? I have a store with them and never have problems.

    … search here in the forums for Yahoo. And that’s all I’ll say…

    Hi Lilypetals

    Might as well throw my two cents in. I struggled with bad hosts for a while then moved to and have never looked back. Here’s my blog if you want to check out speed times


    [sig moderated]

    for hosting? there’s a reason why is raking in over 10million a year

    if you go to the support forums, you’ll see all the reviews both bad and good. they don’t delete the bad reviews to give a good impression.

    i’ve been with them at work where we have two reseller accounts and on my own for two years, and we’ll NEVER go anywhere else.

    in two years we had one site go down for 15 minutes, and another one-week period of up and down time for a few sites, but that was fixed and ever since things have been hunky dory.

    take a look at their hosting plans and the prices – and then sign up to the message forum and read the reviews. they will speak for themselves.


    Why has my post be edited again by moderator – I gave lilypetals a link to where i host my blog so he/she could check out the speed and see what service offer and once again its been removed !

    My post now looks silly because I say see a link and no link now exists !




    What does anyone know about AN Hosting? Worthwhile?



    AN/MidPhase (same company) are reliable, cheap, and give you a bunch of free ad credit when you sign up. Whether or not you plan to advertise over the long term, the initial ad credit can be helpful in promoting a new site.

    Avoid Bluedomino. They have an old, broken version of WordPress, and installing/upgrading on your own won’t work. Their support is useless, and takes 23 hours and 59 minutes to respond to email.

    You can use Free WordPress hosting with your domain name.
    It’s really.

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