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    Add Anchor Links adds a beautifully designed embedded SVG link icon to the upper left of the headings, hidden by default and showing up when the mouse pointer hovers the heading’s box (extending over the full width).

    Thanks to Add Anchor Links, authors of posts and pages in any writing system don’t need to manually add IDs and hyperlinks to headings, nor extra CSS rules to remove the standard link style from the headings.

    Being an SVG coded in-line, the link icon is stable and very lightweight. It is easily copy-pasted along with the heading when the preceding paragraph break and (at least) one character before are included (the latter may be deleted afterwards). Instead of copy-pasting merely the URL, we can send the link in the icon with the heading, e.g. in an HTML email.

    The link icon’s positioning is also compatible with heading numbers added from CSS counters.

    Add Anchor Links is compatible with the Easy Table of Contents plugin. The reader doesn’t need to scroll to the TOC any more to pick a heading’s link. TOCs are often missing, at least when the number of headings in a given page doesn’t meet the setting for the TOC to be generated.

    Add Anchor Links is absolute top quality and a must-have plugin for use on all websites having h2 or lower-level headings. Visitors thankfully appreciate being able to easily cite particular sections in pages, articles and posts. A really easy way to significantly enhance user experience.

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