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  • Best GDPR free plugin for wordpress we’ve found thus far
    Easy to setup and actually works on sending user information including their comments

    Several questions and request
    Q1: Is “Right to be forgotten” via anonymization legally the same as a full deletion (which is not an option in the plugin). Seems like most people who would make a request would want it all deleted

    Q2: How should one proceed when WordPress comments are made via the Facebook platform? Should there be an option to request information via Facebook login, not just email?

    1. Would you consider including a simple cookies dialogue bar in the footer that solves browser cookies requirements
    2. Would you consider a sample privacy/confidentiality page? I know this one is specific for each and every website, but if we all chip in on a sample page, there is less possibility for any important legality to be missed

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  • Plugin Author willowsconsulting


    Hi, thanks for you feedback,

    Q1: In our opinion it is for the purpose of GDPR, the personal data is destroyed and account is not usable anymore. It is safer to anonymize then delete the whole account, but the site owner can still delete the account manually if they wish to do so.

    Q2: It depends on how this is implemented between Facebook and WordPress site, so I am afraid I am unable to give a simple answer (and there probably is no simple answer to this anyway…)

    Regarding your requests:
    1. we are not planning to add cookie management as there are already good tools available for this like:,

    2. we are not planning to add anything like that, it should always be tailored to specific business scenario and reviewed by a solicitor.

    Thanks for the answer – I will stick to the first one for clarification

    If the data is anonymized, then it should not be identifiable by the info controller (not just the site owner); meaning after the info is anonymized no one should not be able to identify the account to delete but rather will have to delete all anonymized accounts manually to ensure deletion.

    Is a deletion request interpreted as mandatory anonymization but deletion as controller’s choice OR is deletion mandatory when the user requests deletion?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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