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  • lisar915


    Hey everyone,
    I would like to add a gallery to my WordPress blog but I’m confused as to how to install the various gallery scripts. Exactly where do they go on the FTP server? Which ones would you all recommend?


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  • amory


    To what extent do you want it to be integrated with WordPress?
    If you can wait awhile, there is an excellent script being developed as we speak. Otherwise check out the list over on the codex of image related plugins.

    I use Photostack for my photography section. While is not integrated with WordPress, it is incredibly simple to use. You simply have to upload a folder of images and everything is automatically generated for you.




    When you say “integrated with WordPress,” how do you mean? I suppose I just want the gallery to be part of my blog. By that I mean I want to have a link on my main page to the gallery. Also, regarding all these gallery scripts, I’m confused as to where on your ftp server they are supposed to go. Do they go in the root directory? Would you know that?




    By to what extent, I mean do you want to add new images via the WordPress admin area, or do you simply want it to be apart of your website? It sounds to me that adding a link to wherever you place your gallery on your server would be sufficient. Regarding where on the server, that is up to you. I prefer to have everything in seperate directories, so I uploaded photostock to a new directory ‘/photography/’ – however you can place the files wherever you like.



    Like Amory said of the “script” in development – I’m the developer, and a WordPress user, so I’m designing it to eventually have some tight integration features, which should all come through a plugin. Features might include “Insert Image” functions on the post page with a pop-up gallery widget to select which one, a sidebar widget to display the 1 or 4 or 6 most recent photos, etc etc. Possibilites aren’t limited right now, and I appreciate any ideas, so please leave comments on my site.

    Don’t expect anything usable for another few weeks, and even more after that for the WP integration features. However, if you take a look, I think you’ll agree it’s going to be quite good.



    Or you might take a peek here: While we don’t have a fancy image browser connected to wordpress for adding images in a “my grandma can do it” way yet, one is in the works. Other than that we have fully integrated Gallery2 and WordPress and the code is stable and easy to use

    My $.02



    trisweb: Just checked out your site. Your plugin looks good so far. It looks like you’re heading down the road to add all the “bells and whistles” that individual photo/gallery plugins have done. Since I use several plugins (lazygallery, multiple random images, WPicasa and WP Picasa Gallery) to do different things, having one plugin to manage everything would seem to be a great idea.

    However, being a developer myself, and seeing how WP can be used in oh so many ways, I don’t think that anyone can ever design something that will be all things to all users. But good luck.

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