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  • Does anyone have input on which of the WordPress footnote plugins is best (e.g., for a wiki)?

    – FD Footnotes Plugin: this is the most-recently updated plugin and has over 10,000 downloads, but requires inclusion of a number in the citations which is rather burdensome (especially where there are multiple editors).

    – WP-Footnotes: this is the most downloaded plugin (over 40,000) and has the simplest syntax (double parentheses), but it has not been updated in over a year.

    – Footnotes for WordPress: this plugin’s syntax is most similar to Mediawiki’s Cite Extension (front and end ref tags), but the plugin has only been downloaded 3,436 times and has not been updated for over a year.

    – Simple Footnotes: this plugin seems a bit redundant, but is very bare-bones and was updated earlier this year (and was coded by a WordPress core developer).

    In addition to inserting standard footnotes, I want to customize the plugin to post custom citations indicating authorship, so I am looking for a good platform to build-on.

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  • From a user point of view (I couldn’t develop my way out of a wet paper bag) I found WP-Footnotes weirdly confusing: I could never quite remember whether to include a space before the first two round brackets, and why not just use square brackets? I’m now experimenting with FD Footnotes (which employs a single square bracket), and it seems more intuitive and elegant, but requires inserting your own footnote numbers, so I guess references won’t be automated, which is not a problem for me because I won’t be using footnotes extensively.

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